Hexpack Beta

The first release of Hexpack is hot off the press! [download#1#nohits]

This version uses graphics from JCD’s Piecepack font found at Piecepack.org

3 thoughts on “Hexpack Beta

  1. admin says:

    I was debating putting dice in the template due to space constraints. Pawns will go in with the final version :-)

  2. nmx says:


    Thanks! Daniel’s template is sharp, isn’t it? We’ve fleshed out the About page a bit, which should help answer your question. The short of it is that the hexpack is designed as an extension of a standard piecepack, so you simply use the coins, pawns, and dice from that. Daniel went the extra distance and designed triangluar “coins” that fit within the subdivided spaces on the backs of the tiles.

    As there are more game designs using a standard hexpack, they will help us refine its definition.

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