New Game: Rummy Runners

Rummy Runners is a new game by Nathan Morse that utilizes both our beloved hexpack and the completely compatible Mystique deck from nestorgames.  It is a card-melding territorial game, in which 2–4 players compete to claim 3 hexes in a straight line, or any 4 contiguous hexes. Taking advantage of the nature of the hexpack, the board is modular, and the setup can be completely different every time you play.

Curious? Read on!

New hexpack look available

We have added another hexpack – this time, Nathan’s – with a rather different graphical style. This file includes a complete and extended 12-suit piecepack, all the coins, pawns, and dice you need as well. Of course, it’s all build-and-play, but if you have access to a printer that can print duplex (two-sided printing), then the only things you need to assemble are the dice and the pawns. Just be sure to print on heavy paper, such as 110 lb. paper.

Additionally, Daniel’s gorgeous SVG hexpack file is getting fleshed out a bit more, so look forward to having two tempting options!