Bug Squashed!

Due to unforseen newb-ness on my part the hexpack font did not work with inkscape in windows. That problem is now fixed and you can grab the new file right NOW! (It’s in the [download#8#nohits])

So sharp, it’ll cut you just looking at it!

Up until now you have downloaded hexpack as a set of raster images rendered as a .pdf. Now you can download hexpack as a set of vector images! Print at the highest quality you desire! [download#6#nohits] For those of you who want to get the new art but don’t want to deal with all that vector stuff you can print from the pdf instead (included in the file).

Also for your designing pleasure we are releasing a font and a  hexpack development kit available for download now! [download#8#nohits]. Soon this kit will include a set of images that will allow game makers to publish slick looking rules very easily.


A BIG welcome goes out to all our new users, Thanks to Boardgamenews.com you now know we exist!

Fresh content is on the way! Within the next week you’ll be able to download hexpack with new artwork and be able to make your own hexpack variants! Also be on the lookout for some games (you really can play games with hexpack…) to pop up as well!